Self-assessing the status will help you to check your vein control. Usually the disease develops an alloy of low, and if you carefully and see it for your health, the varicose veins will not remain unnoticed, so you will be able to get it right from the beginning. The first signs that you should pay attention to this swelling, pain, fatigue, the feeling of heaviness of your legs, often, the night cramps in the leaves. In the same external signals, or also different gaskets in the legs and protruding veins (more securely "veins"). Read more about:

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Often people easily apply to the one that gives you the opportunity to develop. Modern methods of treatment allow physicians to treat varicose veins at every stage, but it is better not to start. How do I choose a doctor? So notified of the use of each of the "star", in your legs, the varicose veins do not allow you to put on a short skirt, or until the evening your favorite shoes were too narrow for swelling?

Many magazines and websites, Varyforte operation of full centres and companies involved in varicose veins treatment and this is a stream of advertising needed. To avoid endangering their health, use some of them. Firstly, they focus on the specialties in general, have all the necessary facilities and apply modern methods of treatment to pay attention to the side effects of services like the doctors and the lowest clinic.

Undoubtedly it will lead to more trust in the centre, which works for at least 10 years. forget that a professional institution, has come into contact with patients, in particular, how does the medical examination work after treatment, and therefore bears responsibility for all the services Varyforte medical action and their quality! I, finally, but the tip can be turned back to the Internet and read the opinions and recommendations already undergoing the course of treatment.

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In the initial phase of the disease, doctors non-operative surgical surgeries, and, most importantly, a painless and effective method of treatment "Varyforte sock composition", technologies of cases where surgery cannot do and change sparing minimally invasive side effects of invasive vein surgery technologies. In the end he decided to go to a specialist, but how not to confuse with the choice of a doctor?

Each method has its advantages, indications and only an experienced doctor can choose a specific treatment strategy on the basis of the exact method. The fact that it has a wide range of clinical forms and screening methods, the doctor takes into account the increased diameter of the veins, length, and location of the system. Vices do not appear suddenly.

Also important are the details that include, many advantages compared to Varyforte when using traditional methods such as patient lifestyle, age. How and why almost muscle-heeled high heels, so that they live, it is not recommended to wear a ballet of flats. www. Varyforte. pl

Important for the prevention of motion pictures. Unfortunately, despite the rhythm of modern life, there is hardly any movement: work, passive rest. This calf does not work, it has weakened the blood vessels and blood stagnation, as a result. As a result, the Varyforte opinions begin to develop and we feel dizziness and a feeling of heaviness in our legs.

To prevent the development of disease, long walks, instead of the elevator, grows up at least once a week, to the house or office on foot.  Hereditary predispositions, hormonal agents, high static loads ("foot work") are additional risk factors for diseases. Because of physical activity and they do not want that fat people are overweight, which will also contribute to the development of varicose veins.

We have succeeded. Running, swimming, walking and walking help to stay in the form not only of muscles, but also blood vessels. And even comments on the active work of the muscles of the shinbone, the easier it is to pump blood in the veins. Rhythmic contractions of shaving muscles contribute to the return of venous blood from lower limbs to the heart. Most useful navigation. Varyforte body naturally relaxed and cold water pressure refreshes and tones.

The prophylaxis of varicose veins, even on, is not recommended for sport with a load of power. Do not sweat by force, make excursions and use equipment from the leading link. It cannot lift more than 5 kg When the varicose veins cannot get around. The prevention of varicose veins has a goal. If you have already diagnosed a varicose vein code in the forum, you should minimize the workload.

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Pay attention to boots. Avoid tight shoes on heels. In these shoes the leg forced to bent the posture, as a result maybe small capillaries as a result Breaked the finger at the leg, there are opinions on the forum of Vienna's hyperaemia, swelling of Varyforte ankles effects of use and calf. The best solution - comfortable shoes on the heel no more than 4 cm in heel to hold most physiological positions.

Equally important in the prevention pictures is foot care. Helpful cool shower and massage your legs and feet. Good varicose vein prophylaxis is elastic Special stockings, pantyhose and socks. Under the influence of the compression of stockings, there is an increase in blood flow, Vienna n n